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Comm Drone: Content round-up

Editor's Note:
Every Sunday—or more accurately, when we get around to it and feel compelled—we're going to be adding a quick summary of all the neat things we've come across that while not might necessitate their individual post, we still think are worthy of sharing. We're calling these updates Comm Drones. Why? I think it's fun. Thanks for the idea, Nicole!

I spend a lot of time keeping up with the latest news in the SF+F world. But much of the time, the articles, podcasts and short stories appear faster than I can read them. How many of us have time to read every site, click on every link that interests us? Not all of these links are up to the minute news, but they are some of the gems of the last few weeks that you might have missed out on.

Short Story: McCrae’s debut story, published only with Daily Science fiction (so far) has that wonderfully ambiguous ending that we so crave in short fiction. Composed mainly of dialogue, it builds a whole universe through conversation. I hope to see more from Mr. McCrae—the potential is strong with this one:

Interview: Science fiction has become the predominant genre in western popular cultureand nowhere is that more evident than the crowds at events like Comic-con. But how much longer will this last? This episode of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy is a fascinating conversation with Rob Salkowitz on this very topic:

Podcast: Starburst Radio is one of a kind. A couple of grumpy British blokes who love a good swear word or twelve talk about science fiction, work, and just plain old life for an hour or so. An amusing, bold and sometimes brash podcast created by the purveyors of the longest running sci-fi magazine of all time. It’s been pretty good the last few weeks:

Announcement: Just when you think he’s fading slightly into the background, he pops up again. PKD’s work will always be a Hollywood goldmine. This is an article discussing the new series based on Philip K. Dick’s short stories. Having read all of them myself, I could only dream of seeing The Days of Perky Pat or The Preserving Machine on the television screen. (I’m here if you need a consultant on which ones to pick guys):

Blog post: John Scalzi’s blog is legendary. Even if you don’t like his fiction, you have to respect the blog. He is consistent, always interesting and engaging with his audience. I finally got around to working my way through this article and looking up the list, and it seems to be a good one. I have found a few more books to add to the to-read list. Thank you sir!

Academic news: Science fiction is becoming more and more embraced by universities over time, and this is yet another wonderful opportunity for any prospective SF scholars out there:

Upcoming book: Angry Robot has pleased me this year, especially with the recently published Graft by Matt Hill. I like the look of this one. It’s the second in a series by Chu, and tempts me to read both in the series so far: