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Comm Drone: Content round-up

Our Comm Drones give you a short and sweet list of neat things you might have overlooked during the week.

Academic event: Places may still be available for the H.G. Wells conference in Woking, UK:

Magazine: The Galaxy’s Edge George R. R. Martin special edition is available! Featuring an interview and a previously unpublished story:

Science: An AI ‘re-created’ the cult SF classic film Blade Runner, and the results were quite astounding:

Classic SF: This Hodderscape article offers a bitesize review of a Robert Heinlein classic:

Book covers: A gallery of 39 vintage Ray Bradbury book covers:

Crowd funding: A fundraiser on Kickstarter to keep Kurt Vonnegut’s legacy alive and preserve The Kurt Vonnegut Museum library in Indiana (USA).

Podcast story: This story is pure fun. It’s so good I named my cat ‘Floon’ after it.

Science Fiction studies: Many lists like these can be found on university websites. For anyone who is new to the world of science fiction theory, these guides and encyclopedias would be a good place to start:

Twitter page: Mini SF + F stories the size of a tweet, posted as much as 3-4 times per day. Can be quite inspiring, especially when you have writer’s block:

Writing tips: Roberta Osbourne’s tips on how to keep track of invented language in your creative writing work. There is also a great list of sources below the article to check out:

Organization: Living in Canada? Or just interested in Canadian SF writers? Check out the National Association of Speculative Fiction professionals. Even non-writers can check out the fiction excerpts and find new authors:

SF + Diversity: This fusion article explores a very interesting idea: the subject of ‘black time travel’:

Opinion piece: John DeNardo’s work at Kirkus reviews is always top quality, and this piece on media tie-ins is no exception:

Special edition: The folio society recently came out with this fabulous edition of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey:

SF + our world: Neil Levy, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and professor of philosophy at Macquarie University, Sydney examines the ethics of sending out a real generation starship:

New in SF criticism: I cannot wait to get my copy of this important book written by Chris Pak. It is the first comprehensive study of climate change in SF:

An essay on rejection: Kim Liao of Literary Hub writes on adjusting your perspective and setting goals when submitting: