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The Semiotic Standard is an irregularly updated speculative fiction journal featuring essays, art, short stories, reviews, professionally produced story readings, guest articles, round tables, an advice column on writing/editing/art, and other miscellaneous contributions. If you have an interest in volunteering content, we'd love to talk. We're particularly interested in regular or semi-regular column proposals, non-fiction essays, reviews, and really anything written with meaningful thought. We're also looking for questions for our advice column, and ideas for round tables are always welcome. At this time we are closed to non-solicited fiction stories.

Finally, Milan is taking on clients who desire artwork for book or magazine covers. For all inquiries, please send a note to

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R. Leigh Hennig, Editor, is a writer, editor, and science fiction nerd living with his beautiful wife and three children in Seattle, Washington where he works as a network engineer. He is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Bastion Science Fiction Magazine (unfortunately on extended hiatus) and has written numerous essays on disability in speculative fiction, along with the usual slew of science fiction and fantasy short stories. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell. 

Gary Emmette Chandler, Associate Editor, works from his apartment in Portland as a copywriter and web developer, mostly in pajamas, with a cat nibbling at his leg. His fiction has or will appear in Daily Science Fiction and Flash Fiction Online, among others, and is forthcoming this fall in Pseudopod. You can follow his hungover ramblings on Twitter @TheWearyLuddite, if you like.

Milan Jaram, Artist, is an artist and sculptor specializing in sci-fi, surreal and fantasy. He resides in Edmonton, Alberta Canada where he works as a Surveillance Director. He is the owner of and has created countless book, magazine and promotional covers for authors and editors around the world, including Strange Horizons. He is a BSFA finalist and Hugo-award nominee. Follow him on Twitter @MilanJaram and check out his Facebook page.

TG Macklin, Voiceover Artist, performs the readings that accompany the stories we publish. 

Nicole Kastronis, Contributor, is a former student of science fiction studies, specializing in the works of Philip K. Dick and the field of narratology. She decided to put her speed reading talents to use and write book reviews for SF Signal, joining in late February. When the site closed in early May, she decided to carry on her writing here, where you will also see some of her theories, musings, and ideas in article form. She recently moved from the UK to Virginia, USA, and hopes to continue her education there. You can find her on Facebook.

Andrea Johnson, Contributor, lives in Michigan with her husband and too many books. She enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy, exploring the local craft beer scene, and cooking. Since 2010 Andrea has posted book reviews, author interviews, and other SF related things at her blog, The Little Red Reviewer. She was a contributor at SF Signal, and is currently a non-fiction contributor at Apex Magazine. By day she is a coffee chugging serious person, and by night she is a very silly person who is probably eating Pringles, peanut butter, or popcorn. Follow her shenanigans on Twitter @redhead5318.

Meryl Stenhouse, Contributor, is an author of short-to-medium sized fiction, and a huge fan of the short form. She grew up on a diet of fantasy novels and B-grade science fiction movies, from which she learned many things, such as, 'heroes only like beautiful women' and 'female characters should be cute and womanly and good with children' and 'highly sophisticated future societies still require women to wear impractical, revealing clothes and makeup,' so it's no wonder she grew up to be a feminist. 
Later in life she discovered wuxia movies, where she learned never to annoy the quiet man sweeping in the corner because he's probably a grand master at something. She's been practicing with a broom ever since. Just in case. 
She's passionate about all things speculative fiction and is a game nerd and proud of it, a pastime she shares with her family. You can follow her on Twitter @merylstenhouse, or Facebook.